Angelique De Castro

Welcome. I'm a visual artistic technologist crafting stories and experiences that center marginalized narratives. My art practice is focused on co-creating art that positions recontextualized history as an avenue for possible futures that inspire, educate, and galvanize. I am also a Software Engineer at The New York Times engineering reader and editorial-facing news products.

I'm an alumn of the virtual artist-in-residence program at the Asian American Art Alliance. This interactive recipe was kind of written up in The New York Times. I have worked with a jazz composer to bring her work to life on stage. I'm a technologist and animator for Decolonized Tarot, a psychic performance and pre-colonial Filipino mythology-inspired tarot deck. I'm an illustrator for a zine that teaches algorithms at a middle school level with Paper Oranges (buying a zine helps us distribute the zine to teaching institutions for free!). I'm also a technologist for various art projects tk.

More links to my creative pursuits as a technologist, illustrator, and experimental 3D animator are below.


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