"Sometimes you get a flash of what you look like to other people" - Zadie Smith, On Beauty
Angelique De Castro

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Software Engineer @ Cisco, Civic Tech hacker, and aspiring Data Scientist.

UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering alumna with an interest in innovating social good with technology.

By day, I work on SP router software at Cisco in the Core Software Group, coding in C and Python. In my spare time, I volunteer for Code for San Jose. Come help us with projects I'm involved in like Neighborhood Association and Find a Home, or come say hi and grab a slice 🍕.

On the side, I co-create art with code for an online art gallery (still in development). Check out a piece I've done here.

I've previously worked with the Foundation for Learning Equality as an intern. I learned Python and Django to create an internal application with several other interns that would facilitate better communication amongst the members of the organization. From there, I've continued to develop my front-end web development skills.

Misc: I enjoy reading, writing, playing the guitar, drawing, working out, cooking, and caring for my succulents when I'm not coding.


More coming soon...